Metal Spinning Workshop
Converting a wood turning lathe into a metal spinning lathe
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Disc One - Chapter Three
Copyright Terry Tynan 2005 - ISBN 0-9767886-0-8
If you already own a wood turning lathe then your just a
step away from owning a metal spinning lathe, this
chapter explains how to make a few simple changes
to a turning lathe, and convert it into a fully functional
metal spinning lathe.

If you don't already own a turning lathe,don't worry the
lathe chosen for this chapter is an 1/2 HP 10" swing
mini lathe, the most economical lathe we could find.

At a cost of $150.00 for the brand new lathe and an
additional $30.00 for the conversion this is an
exceptional starter lathe, bringing metal spinning well
within the reach of hobbyists or new- comers to the
craft of metal spinning.

With only 1/2 HP motor and 10" swing this mini lathe
can produce some remarkable spinning work, it's not
the size that counts, it's what you do with it. Chapter 3
guides you through the process.